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Until now, consumers have been limited to over-priced “theft recovery-only” systems that utilize outdated radio-frequency technology, this requires local law enforcement agencies and vehicles to be equipped with specific hardware to track stolen vehicles.

We carry an entirely new class of vehicle security system that combines advanced GPS technology and a global digital wireless network with real-time tracking on the Internet.

Now you can track your assets and inform the police where your vehicle is by using our online system which utilizes world-class Google Maps. This is the GPS system we’ve been looking for; we hope you like it too.

We’re set to change a few things…

GPS asset tracking

Online tracking

We use newly designed equipment and better online systems than available with previous GPS tracking systems. (and we’ve been searching for the right solution for a long time) We chose this GPS tracking system from all the current leading GPS equipment and tracking suppliers.

It’s not complicated; we didn’t want to sell something we wouldn’t use ourselves. We needed:

  • a GPS asset tracking tool that worked
  • it had to be easy to use
  • low cost to start/low cost to maintain

GPS Fleet Management System features:

GPS Fleet Management

Fleet Management

  • Easy to install and setup
  • A breeze to administer and use
  • Very responsive online tracking
  • Reliability is a given

The GPS web based tracking system is easy to access and use. Report generation is simple and the interface is un-cluttered and responsive.

Extensive Administration Tools:

GPS Management tools

Management Tool

  • Easy to track lots of vehicles (group them for convenience)
  • Reports for employee reviews
  • Alerts are sent to Email or by text messaging
  • This is a powerful management tool!

What can GPS Tracking do for me or my business?

Our GPS tracking service provides a ‘TOOL’ to locate and manage your vehicles. Our online GPS tracking application will show you where your vehicles are, how fast they are going and where thay have been. It will also alert you if your company truck goes outside an area you specify or if the vehicle exceeds a set speed. You can then print a report as evidence to confront employees in a review or a teen entrusted with the family car.

Create useful reports to find out…

  • Where is it?
  • Where has it been
  • How fast is it going?
  • How fast was it going?

Use GPS vehicle tracking for…

  • Dispatching
  • Mileage or mainenance
  • Employee reviews
  • Monitoring who lies about their where-abouts
  • Reducing false over-time claims

If you’ve read anything at all about GPS Fleet Management Systems, you’ll probably know at least three things:

  • GPS is an exciting technology
  • GPS can be really, I mean really, complicated
  • GPS tracking systems are outrageously, often unaffordably expensive

Personal Safety:

Safety using GPS

Personal Safety

  • Easy to track wayward teens
  • Reports that show where the vehicle went
  • Speeding over your set limit triggers an alert
  • Alerts are sent to Email or by text messaging

GPS Tracking Can Solve these Common Issues:


GPS – teknia micro

  • In-appropriate use of company vehicles
  • parked at bar over lunch
  • “I’m stuck in traffic on I-70” but parked at home
  • using company truck for side work
  • using company truck on week-ends
  • Speeding
  • Lying about where-abouts or over-time
  • Where the heck is he?

We changed that…