I’ve been looking for a way to get my field personnel under control. It’s not that they’re dishonest, it’s that sometimes they take advantage because there’s nothing keeping them honest. I’m bound ethically to do what I tell my customers we’ll do; our billing must reflect exactly the hours we worked on each project.

  • Fudging time won’t keep us competitive…
  • Side work using my trucks, materials and equipment has to stop…
  • Our PR goes out the window when company trucks are parked at the bar…
  • Don’t get me started on drinking on company time and Workman’s Comp Insurance…

I’m positive a GPS Fleet Management System will pay for itself the first month;…keeping it in place will help keep the wheels on my company.

A huge investment took place getting this company rolling. Lots of time, effort, money and sacrifice. I owe it to myself, my family, my ‘guys’ and my customers to manage this company and what’s been built.

This Online GPS Tracking System gives me tools to:

    • Dispatch the closest truck
    • Know when maintenance is due
    • Check work start and stop times
    • Stop week-end trips using my fuel

I’m convinced a GPS Fleet Management System will pay for itself the first month;…keeping it in place will help keep the wheels on my company.I’ll admit I’m a little heavy on the pedal, but when I had the company logo painted on the side of my truck, it changed my thinking. “Leave a little earlier…” you say. Ya, ya, now if I could get my guys to think that way we’d all be better off. I will offer this in fairness; My GPS report for the previous week will be available to anyone that gets a review based on a GPS vehicle report.

A small ethical price will be paid for these cya activities but this will provide ‘Review Opportunities’ for the guys and I’ll stick to some good advice, “Review the best; Release the rest.”

My daughter got over it;
So will the guys.

The Management

PS: I’m getting a small grin on my face because our bonus plan just got a huge shot in the arm. …theft recovery before vandalism takes place gives me some peace of mind. Hmm, all this is giving me some peace of mind!

I’m glad the guys over at teknia micro figured all this out. I understand it took a while to find a usable, affordable GPS Asset and Fleet Management System. They say it was a challenge to get the right equipment and online management system all in the same package.

There’s a lot of GPS tracking units out there but they are too expensive, bundle the wrong features for us or the online interface is awful. These guys got it right! I need this…
teknia micro